Should I Reformat After Motherboard Install?

I am getting a motherboard soon and am wondering if I have to reformat my computer to work with the parts. I don't want to unless I will not be getting the full performance out of my computer, then I would want to reformat. But do you have to reformat after a motherboard installation?

My motherboard and hard drive is from a prebuilt computer by Gateway and will be changing the motherboard. The Windows 7 install was installed with the Gateway computer.
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  1. Windows may not start on different motherboard hardware, plus the existing installation will contain many drivers which are not relevant to the new hardware anyway, and only with a fresh install can you be sure that they are fully removed.

    You might also need to call Microsoft for a new activation code, as a new motherboard is one item which can trigger the need to re-activate and it may not be possible to do that online in the usual way.
  2. Did you get a Windows CD with the compiter ? Chances are it's an OEM version and you may have diffaculty when you try to do a reformat after changing the motherboard.
    I would not reformat and just go for the change of boards, it might be a little problematic but if you keep trying to boot it will eventually boot and you can delete the chupsetdrivers from the old board and load the new ones.
    I recently had a big issue with a motherboard and was unsure if things other than the motherboard were damaged so I went out and bought a new board , cpu, ram and video cards and kept the hard drive with the OS. After several restarts with blue screens left and right I finaly got it to load and once it went to the desktop I was able to straighten out the drivers and it worked fine with no performance issues. I kept it that way for about a month and then I finaly reformated and reloaded once I got a new hard drive (SSD)
    Being a gateway I can't say for sure what you'll run into but at least you can give it a shot and worst case do a reload.
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