Which motherboard choose for OC and gaming ?

Hello everyone !

I found myself in some troubles when choosing the best mobo for my next intel gaming system.
I alread have all other components. For processor i choose i5 2500k and Noctua NH-D14 for its cooling while other components are ported from my current AMD phenom x4 based system an these component are:

2x4GB DDR3 Teamelite 1333mhz RAM
MSI Geforce 560ti twin frozr OC 1Gb
850 watt LC power Arkangel power supply with 72 ampers on 12v lines
two 10000rpm raptor hard drives one is 74Gb other is 150Gb
5000Gb barracuda for storage
Sony CD-DVD writer
Cooler Master HAF extended ATX case with 3x22cm and 2x12cm fans

Only thing that remains is motherboard and I realy cannot chose bettwen those two:


Intel DP67BG

Plese help me to choose bettwen those two because I want to OC processor as much as possible for the best performance.
You can also suggest me some other board but keep in mind that my budget for it is 200 eur.

Sorry for bad english, I live in Slovenia.
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  1. That is easy just don't get the Intel board! If you can get a Z68 board from Asrock, MSI, Asus or Gigabyte then they are a good option as well.
  2. So the board from MSI will do far better than one from intel ?
  3. And what is the main difference bettwen P67 and Z67, sorry for such questins but this is my first Intel PC from times when Pentium 3 was a Space shuttle
  4. Thanks for your help, I will take MSI board because I see it is far above intels solution and because I already have an graphic card from MSI.
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