i was trying to download ATI CCC latest version from ATI site.
but i think the driver is not specific for each chip set type but it's the same (i mean file size) for some different chipset.

eg. 4670 and 4650 have same driver size.

so it's the same driver or just same size of the installation file.
and if so, 5XXX series and 4XXX series can u used with same installer?
or may be CCC 10.6 is only file that support all ati products?

(sorry for my stupid question, but i really want to know as for my knowledge)

thanks in advance for active participation
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  1. Well with Nvidia a driver can span across and work for multiple graphics cards.

    I'm pretty sure all of the 5000 series use the same drivers, and all of the 4000 series use the same drivers, but they are different drivers between the 5000 and 4000.

    Also CCC isn't the driver.
  2. Yes, all 4xxx and 5xxx series use the same driver, but you can't use 5xxx driver for 4xxx cards...
    So, already installed the driver for your card? just try some games and you'll see whether the card is working normally or not. :)
  3. with CF of two 4670, i see little improvements (about 15-20% increase FPS)
    it's less than my expectation (it should be 100% imporvemnt right?, and may be above 50% will be acceptable for me.)

    so it's better to stay with single card alone.

  4. <<sorry, wrong forum>>

    really sorry man!
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