Need Advice On Cheap DDR3

Hello, I need some advice on ram for my new build, my motherboard are cpu are:

Athlon II x3 440
Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2 [...] D-MATX-VGA

as you can see i need ddr3, but as you can probably tell from the cpu and mobo its a cheap system and i need cheap ram aswell

i read on some forum that with the 440 it can only take up to 1066mhz ram, dunno how true it is but probably doesnt matter anyway as i assume the 1333 will cost lots

im using my hd4890 in it aswell, any advice will be appreciated
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  1. Hmm the link for that mobo is dead but why not go 4 DIMM/ATX AM3 with the MSI 770-C45?

    As for cheap, dependable RAM: KVR has never let me down :P
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