How do I find out if my graphics card supports 3 monitors

I have a Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family wondering how to find out if it support more than two monitors. Can anyone help?
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  1. I think you can just look around your laptop and see if you have a VGA or HDMI plug somewhere on it...
  2. it will only support 2 monitors only ati 5xxx series currently supports 3 or more outputs on one card
  3. on one graphics card, the vga, dvi and hdmi ports run at the same lane and you can only use 2 monitors on that lane, however ati's 5xxx series have added a display port which runs on a different lane resulting that you can use more monitors, nvidia have added so that if you run 2 of their new 4xx series in sli you can use up to 3 monitors. but your graphics card is a built in one, so you can't run more than 2 if you have 2 ports (either vga,dvi or hdmi)
  4. Yeah my mistake, I thought you were asking if you could support two monitors, not MORE then two.
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