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Hey guys. So I just did a fresh install of windows 7. I had heard that it is wise to only have your ssd connected to your mb during installation, so I unplugged my internal HDD's sata cable form my motherboard. I spent a day on the SSD, installed some updates, some small programs (Chrome, CCleaner, etc), and just set up the computer. When I got ready to plug in the hdd again, i turned off the comp, replugged the sata cable of my hdd iinto the motherboard and booted up. This is what happens: the computer hangs on BIOS for about a minute, then the screen goes blank for about a minute, then the windows startup takes about a minute, and then i can log on to windows. Now keep in mind, my SSD regularly boots in under 30 seconds, so I've become quite spoiled. After logging into windows, I go to the format utility, but the hdd doesnt show up. It should show up as an unallocated volume. Every time I boot, the same sequence described above happens, but the hdd is never recognized in windows or in format utility. If I unplug the hdd, the computer boots up regularly, under 30 seconds, andd everything is fine. I can even hear the hdd spinning up when i start my computer, but it just won't show up. Suggestions? BTW, custom pc, all drivers updated except Ethernet :P Thanks.
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  1. The boot order in BIOS probably changed when you reconnected the platter drives. Go in there and make your new SSD the first boot option.
  2. The HDD is not recognized in BIOS....the computer is clearly reacting to the installation of the hdd, but it's not showing up in bios or in windows
  3. "After logging into windows, I go to the format utility, but the hdd doesnt show up"
    >> HDD or SSD isn't listed?
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    if u don't see the HDD in BIOS, then either the cable isn't properly connected or there's a bad connection or the port is disabled or the drive is bad

    have u changed to AHCI in the BIOS and not IDE whent he HDD is connected

    are u sure the HDD works? did u try it in another computer?
  5. The SSD is listed and works just fine, the HDD just doesn't show up. Alright, I'll check the connection to the motherboard. I've also recently discovered major usb lag: whichever usb port i plug my usb drive into, it takes mor ethan 30 seconds to recognize the usb drive. I think all the lag (usb, boot up) is somehow related to the hdd, i just gotta figure this out.
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  7. Problem solved. I plugged the hdd into a sata 3gb/s port, and it recognized in windows. I formatted it, gave it a drive letter, name, etc. I shut down, moved the cable into 6gb/s port, booted up, everything worked out alright. No more usb recognition lag either. Thanks for the help.
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