I7 950 stock w/ Megahalems in push/pull. How are my temps?

Hey there,

I've recently invested in some new components for my pc and as I used this site a lot to decide what to buy, I thought I'd finally become a 'membre'* of the forums.

My new rig is as follows:

i7 950 - 3.06GHz
Mushkin Ridgeback - 1600MHz 6-8-6-24
Megahalems Heatsink with 2 120mm 1200rpm Scythe fans in push pull.

All mounted inside a lovely HAF 932 case.

I intend to overclock the hell out of this thing though I though it would be sensible to do some tests at stock speeds to check everything is working correctly.

Anyway, considering my cooling set up above how are these temps after 10 mins of prime 95? And how do the bode for overclocking later?


Turbo boost is currently enabled hence why the CPU is running at 3.2GHz

Cheers guys,


*If you don't get this joke, click on your profile and look at the URL.
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  1. For running prime95 those are great temperatures.
  2. Thanks for the reply rolli.

    That's good news! I've heard that the megahalems becomes much more efficient at higher temps so hopefully I'll get a good overclock out of this chip.

    What should my max temp be, do you reckon?
  3. i think max temp for 24/7 usage should be under 80c on cores.
  4. Hey dillinger88, I dont mean to stray your thread off topic but if its not too much trouble could you post the manufacture date and batch number of your i7-950 and maybe where you picked it up? As I am looking to get one very soon and I already have a Megahalems on hand.

    Thanks in advanced.
  5. Hi chief,

    My batch number is 3037A336, but I can't seem to find the manufacture date on the box anywhere, unless you're able to point it out to me? I bought it from aria.co.uk, which is incredibly good service and cheaper than most other sites. I'd holdfast until I've found out where this chip tops out though. I'm at a conference all day today but I'll work on it tonight and post some results.

    After lowering the CPU, DRAM and QPI multipliers, I've found my max base clock to be about 216 at 1.2V QPI voltage, I can't seem to get 220 stable even at 1.325V, am I adjusting the correct voltage? Could this be my limit or should I try to crank the voltage a bit more?

    Thanks for all your responses so far!

  6. Thanks dillinger88, I really appreciate it. As for the manufacture date I belived it was listed on the box sticker, but hey I may have been wrong. I know for a fact you can get it off the code on the CPU die(HOW-TO: Read an Intel CPU FPO/Batch Code), but you have yours installed already, so its not a big deal.

    As for the OC, I have not owned a i7 CPU yet, but I have read some really good forums on OC'ing this chip, here are a few I could locate quickly:

    http://www.overclockers.com/3-step-guide-overclock-core-i3-i5-i7/ (I think this is the same as in link #1)

    I hope those can help you out, I understand that everyones build is different, but the basic priciples should still apply.
  7. I've been searching for that first guide for absolutely ages! I was reading before I got the components, saved it to my hdd and obviously forgot that it would disappear once I'd reinstalled Windows. Thanks a tonne for the link.

    As for the manufacture date. There is not such date on the box sticker - at least for me anyway. Though going by that guide you posted I can make it out from the batch number that it was the 37th week in 2010, which would put it about mid-September of this year, I guess. Sorry I can't give you a better date. I think you really have to be unlucky to get a bad 950 chip anyway so good luck with that.

    I'll be back with some results soon!
  8. Hey, Im glad I could help.

    Dont worry about the date, its not a big deal, the information you gave me is much appreciated.

    I hope you can get a good OC out of her. I'll be back to check and see what numbers you can get :)
  9. Right,

    Not sure I'm liking this chip - or it doesn't like me - as I can't seem to get bclock above 160 with the CPU multiplier at max of 24.

    Runs beautifully at bclock = 160, 3.8GHz with barely any increase in vcore. However I can't seem to get it to stay stable at 170 for 4GHz.

    I've lowered the multiplier of the RAM so that it runs at it's rated speed.

    I have QPI voltage at around 1.3-1.35, vcore at 1.25-1.275. I have IOH and ICH at 1.2, spread spectrum etc. off and load line calibration on but it just won't stay stable under prime 95. Any higher that 170 and it won't even boot!

    Do I have a dud chip or am I missing something? This really shouldn't be a problem for a 950.


  10. Temps at 3.8GHz are around 60C after 30 ins of prime95 if it's of interest.
  11. Sorry to hear you are having trouble dillinger88, there could be many things that will limit your OC. Could be a weak PSU, RAM, or your Motherboard, your temps seem to be just fine though. I really cant offer any other insite to the problem as I never OC'd an i7, I just read up on it a bit. If you are stuck and want to get some more help try to post in the OC forum, if you have not already, they shoud be able to help you more over there, and make it easier for others to find your OC questions. Good luck, and I hope you can get it all straitend out.
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