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I have read up on Z68, X58, and P67 quite a bit, and it seems like the best option is P67, even though (I think) the other two are newer.

What advantage does Quick Sync provide if you have an SLI configuration?

If I am willing to buy a 250GB SSD, which I am, is there much reason to go for SSD caching?

Z68 seems like a more expensive motherboard for some mediocre features, that help the user who doesn't buy a discrete video card, nor want to spend money on a large SSD. TH seemed to like it, calling it "A Real Enthusiast Chipset".

Am I missing some features?
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  1. timothy2180 said:

    If I am willing to buy a 250GB SSD, which I am, is there much reason to go for SSD caching?

    no, a large focused ssd will be much better than the cache feature of the z68. i don't see any reason whatsoever to use the ssd cache feature except that if you are really on a tight budget and can't afford a 120gb ssd+ and you buy a cheap ssd to give you a bonus to performance, otherwords it's basically the ghetto way to gain performance. like how you always see in the ghetto some weird contraption with like a metal clothes hangar hooked up to the cable box to get free cable or soemthing lol... or like rope holding a car door open... it's just a way to get performance for the broke mofo.

    if you got a 250gb ssd you have absolutely no use for it. or 120gb, etc.

    my personal preference is to get the newer version of something if you are going to get it.. but that's me.. i wouldn't uprgrade from a p67 to a z68 but why wouldn't i buy one if i'm doing a new build? even if i don't use the z68's features i don't see any reason to go down to a p67? why would i? there isn't any p67 board that stands out more then the z68 and i do kinda like the idea of the quicksync or whaever where it's supposedly 3x faster transcoding.. i dunno how true it is but whatever i say just go for the newest technology and z68 is the new thing so that's what im going with.
  2. USMC-FURY - you seem to be spamming a lot of topics with that link. It's all very well to be a fan of a newly announced motherboard, but you can overdo it.

    timothy2180 - the x58 is NOT newer than the P67, it's quite a bit older (previous generation). You need to choose between Z68 and P67. The Z68 might conceivably be useful if you do a lot of video encoding / transcoding, but otherwise it provides no advantage over the P67. If you are using a 250GB SSD, you definitely don't need the Z68 caching. BTW: I'd suggest getting a 240GB Sandforce 2200 SSD (a Vertex 3 or one of the new ones).
  3. yes, z68 is useful for video transcoding . get the p67 imo
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