hi everyone i have a Lenovo laptop with a 500 gb HDD i need to make another partition on my HDD but already have four
can someone tell me which of them i dont need so i can delete one and make the other one i need
they are as follows:

Local disk (C:)
421 GB
Healthy(boot,page file,crash dump,primary partition)

Lenovo (D:)
29 GB
Healthy (Logical Drive)

There are two other ones which are unnamed

200 MB
Healthy(System,Active,Primary Partition)

15 GB
Healthy(OEM partition)

i really need the extra partition please help
Thanx in advance
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  1. You can ditch D. Why do you need a partition?
  2. isnt the logical drive necessary to enter BIOS at startup
  3. No, just means it is a partition of a drive and not a physical one. Not sure why it came with that already, but the 200MB and the 15GB are the backup drives for the OS, so don't touch those. Is there anything in the D: drive? If you want to be safe, give that drive a new letter, shrink the C: drive and use the newly unallocated space to create a new D: drive
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