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Hello! I recently bought an SSD due to me being an employee and the great deal i got on it. It is a crucial M4 128 gb. I used the cloning software to make a copy of my C drive with all of my important stuff on it. (Operating system and drivers and such). I attempted to boot up unplugging my normal C drive and only keeping the SSD plugged in, it looked like it was going to work, but then brings up a few different screens.
1. Being what appears to be a screen of all the sources only the SSD appears so i know at least it is being read.
2. The second being a black screen with text in the upper left side of the screen reading "loading operating system."
3. Being a spec list, listing my processor, ram and gpu, the last one that appears is the OS i believe, saying something along the lines of DDR3 unnengaged (i believe, i dont really want to check due to the fact that i am stressed like no other that this isnt working for me.)
If you can help that would be awesome, Thank you in advance!
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  1. Windows 7? If so, did you also clone the SRP (system reserved partition). It is the 100Mb hidden partition that Windows 7 needs.

    If not, and you made a system repair disk before starting, just start up with the system repair disk in an optical drive; you can also use the Windows installer disk if you don't have a repair disk that you would have had to make prior to doing this. If not, then do a startup repair with the installer disk: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Startup-Repair-frequently-asked-questions

    It is usually best to do a clean re-install when going to an SSD, and there is no need to stress, this is not a problem that cannot be fixed.
  2. yes it is windows 7, i have a windows 7 disk. I forgot to make a system repair disk in my haste and excitement.
  3. I would really urge you to do a clean re-install when you go from HDD to SSD. I often clone SSD to SSD, but the migration from HDDs is not as reliable and issues may pop up in the future that won't happen with a clean install.

    No matter what, you can do a clean install. First, is it an OEM computer or do you have the retail Windows 7 install disk?
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