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Hello there my CPU fan speed is pushing 6000 RPM its very loud and annoying i have just put 2 cheap small packets of thermal compund on the CPU and its still loud i removed the side panel to improve airflow untill next week when i can buy new case fans and power supply my CPU is.

AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 Black Edition

My CPU temp is 47C and my motherboard Temp is 42C is that safe also i hear arctic silver silver is a good Thermal compund substance and for £3 on ebay that doesnt sound bad once i have installed my new power supply side fans and arctic silver will the fan stop speeding up so much.

Should i worry about this it doesnt sound good at all also the CPU heatsink is the stock AMD one i got with the CPU with heatpipes

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  1. It is very important how you apply the thermal paste. Adding more isn't necessarily better. Check out this and this. How do the temps look now that you've removed the side of the case? Did your fan just start running at that speed or did you just start noticing the noise? It might be that the fan is wearing out so it started making noise?
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