hi all, hope this is the right place to post this..... i'm trying to boot to an old mechanical hard drive that has windows xp installed, when i boot up it goes to load xp hangs for a second then flashes a blue screen and askes how to boot, no option works including boot from last known working. my motherboard is uefi and i'm not sure how i can get around this, any tips are much appreciated, also, can i relocate my os from one hard drive to another? really want to move xp to my ssd then upgrade the os.
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  1. If you are trying to move an old XP drive to a new computer that has a UEFI interface it will not be likely to work. The drivers are all wrong.

    You can just do a direct install to the SSD of Windows 7, you do not need to first install XP to use an upgrade version of 7. Here is a guide:
  2. ok, i had heard that i could just use the upgrade media but i'm new to this so it makes me a tad nervous to try this, although it seems like it's supe easy to do with a fair amount of workarounds. is it fool proof? i mean am i going to ruin my system if i screw up the upgrade boot?
  3. No you won't ruin anything. I've done it many times and it works. If you have any trouble with activation you can always do phone activation -- as you have the required XP you won't have any issues.

    You will get a far better result by doing a true clean install of Windows 7.

    Also, make sure to detach any HDDs when you do the Windows 7 install to the SSD and first set your bios sata mode to AHCI, saves the hassle of later changing it.

    Then optimize your SSD, here is a good guide:
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