Bad Video card or bad monitor

Hey guys my monitor on my laptop is flickering and i was wondering if there was a test to know for sure that it was the video card before i buy anything. I know that flickering normally means bad video card but im worried it might be the monitor and dont want to spend the extra money to get a new laptop. thanks you guys rock ;)
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  1. I hope someone disagrees with me as I'm not a laptop expert, but with laptops its near impossible to just test the video card like that.

    What laptop do you have? It makes a big factor in the process.
  2. well does it flicker on the desktop, if it does that might be more of indicator of the monitor if your watching a video or playing a game and it's flickers that's more likely the video card, you could also hook your laptop up to some other monitor and see if that helps, if there no flicker on the other tv then it's obviously your card, i know most laptops are usually equipped with hdmi and vga
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