Annoying buzzing sound PLS HELP!

Alryt this is officially driving me nuts!

I had a PortaPro which unfortunately got stolen, so ryt now I'm temporarily using some cheapo headphones. A total of three, one of em is a headset.

I'm gonna buy another Koss portaPro soon.

While I was using my headset, it suddenly had an intense buzzing sound at the right channel; I thot that it really gave out bcoz its just cheapo, costing less than 8 dollars I guess.

Then I used these two other cheapo's and surprisingly BOTH got buzzing sounds at left channel although not as intense, it got even worse.

I'm thinkin that this is not coincidental, I think its the sound card. I'm pretty sure the headset is permanently damaged and this other cheapo on the otherhand, it myt be long term or permanent(tested is after overnyt and still buzzing)

This happens most frequently when playing, it happens on music but onyl very minor compared to when I am playing

So wat in blazes am I gonna do? My primary concern is that my Koss PortaPro myt end up buzzing too and worse yet; it myt be permanent.

My sound card is a CMI8738(cheapO) six channel and the brand is Intex
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  1. I just bought it bcoz my onboard got defective, it wudn't provide output for both channels. Anyways, any solutions? Shud I send it back for warranty stuff?
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