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Hello everyone,

I've recently purchased a SSD but my pc case does not have an SSD 2.5" slot on it.

My question is do I have to buy 2.5" to 3.5" convertor or can I just leave it somewhere safe in the case?

What worries me is that if the vibrations will cause any damage to it.

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  1. SSD's dont have any moving parts inside them, so it wont break.
    Get some strong double sided tape, and stick it somewhere in the case. Even if it fell off it will be fine.
  2. thanks alot :)
  3. I agree.

    Vibration is still an issue but you can use anything to:
    a) dampen (cardboard), and
    b) hold (tape)

    Grounding isn't an issue as there's sufficient through the power connection. Vibration does still exist though. If it didn't you'd never hear anything from an SSD.
  4. I bought the 2.5 to 3.5 adapter. I wanted it to look nice and be in the path of the fans. Either or is fine.
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