Can i 16 * 4670 + 4 * 4670

finally i got 2 gigabyte 4670 1 GB ddr3 for 2 pc (after very long condieration with the help of Tom Hardware advices)

my mobo is H55S2H Gigabyte with 16 * pcie + 4 * pcie CF (software only)

so i have a chance to test CF (i have never been)

so, plz let me know how to make software CF? (i detail step please, as i've never used 2 card in one pc)

and will it be benefit for me to have with 16 + 4. (i read some post that 16+4 is not suitable for CF but i just have 16+4) or just 1 card is better than 2 cards?

thanks to all
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  1. You should be fine for crossfire..the 4670 doesn't need that much bandwidth. For software I'd assume you install the drivers from AMD/ATI with both cards inserted.
  2. what do u mean by bandwidth and what should be the optimal value.
    where can i look at ?

  3. Bandwidth is whether the pci-e slot would be able to transfer all the data back and forth to the graphics card without a bottleneck. There are loads of guide on the internet of how to set up crossfire just google it as with most things. I cant say for sure but seeing as u have both the cards you should experiment as thats where the fun lies usually. If you dont notice a performance increase just take the extra card out.
  4. Your motherboard is PCIE 2.0 so a x4 really shouldn't limit an HD4670 I would think. Just install both cards and enable crossfire in the Catalyst Control Center.
  5. Yeah, it should be fine. Either way nothing wrong with running a bench test before and after.

    You really should see a vast improvement though and I don't see why you wouldn't.
  6. with CF of two 4670, i see little improvements (about 15-20% increase FPS)
    it's less than my expectation (it should be 100% imporvemnt right?, and may be above 50% will be acceptable for me.)

    so it's better to stay with single card alone.

  7. Is it really that low? You should be getting around a 70% increase I believe. What did you test with?
    Also what processor do you have and what resolution are you using?
  8. i played with WOW dota with max resolution and all high setting.

    so i'm wrong on CF. i just make in CCC.
    or WOW have just low graphic requirement for even 1 4670
    or my 4* PCIE is bottling neck my both cards?
    or my FRAP software is just wrong with WOW?

    thanks for ur reply.
  9. my current PC is

    i3 530 3.3 OC
    2GB ddr3 kingston
    500 gb western digital
    h55 mobo

    i'll just use 1 card for my pc, 1 for my bro. i'm just testing how CF work for future upgrade
  10. From what I'm reading WoW does not really use Crossfire effectively. If that is the only game you play then it isn't worth it.
  11. my current games are

    COD 4 : MW
    COD 5 : world at war
    N4S : undercover (i'm not sure, it's version before shift)
    counterstrike 1.6

    and my monitor is 1440*900

    so i think i should ok with one card only.

    may be i'll buy some higher graphic card with some more modern games

    i'm little tight budget these times :)
  12. Two cards should help you much more in the other games.
  13. finally i manage to get sapphire 5670
    so i'll give my 2 * 4670 to my bro
    think, which will be better between 1 5670 512mb ddr5 and 2 * 4670 1Gb dd3.

    thanks for all
  14. The HD5670 will probably be better in WoW and other games that don't really use more than one card. The 2 HD4670s will be better otherwise.
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