I need help with my transfer/build

Hey all,

My plan is to buy this case

and then move everything into in from my current computer. My current computer is this.
(upgraded to 4gigs)

The case says it'll fit Micro ATX, ATX, and BABY ATX. How do I find out what motherboard I have? ATX, MICRO ATX, OR BABY ATX? I know it's the orginal one that came with my pc. I know it's made by asus. so, my main concern is my motherboard not fitting in the new case.

I was also going to purchase this 500w psu

I liked that cooler master because ppl say it's really quite and efficient.

And to top it off I was gonna go ahead and get the ATI 5670 video card.
I'm on a budget so I can't afford too much.
Guys, i'm pretty noob at computer stuff so any help is great help!
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  1. Based on HP, this is a microATX board, and should fit fine in your new case.
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    1st off the CM eXtreme Power Plus isn't a good choice at all and actually has low efficiency @@ Have a look at 80+ PSUs and 2ndly if gaming is on the cards i would rather hit sub $100 HD 4850/GTS 250s these days than a HD 5670 to be honest...
  3. Ok cool. What do you think about the psu and the graphics card? good with this system?
  4. oh ok I see. What's wrong with the psu though? I mean wouldn't it get the job done? I'm not really looking to build a modern gaming rig, just something cheap.
  5. There are stuff one could cheap out on but look at a PSU as an investment. In any case the higher the efficiency a PSU is, it would actually pay for itself via power savings u nab over using say a non 80+ PSU hehe
  6. True. Well, could you recomend a 500w ish power supply no more than $50 bucks?
  7. Because I don't really know which ones are better than others. ;/
  8. oooh i'ma get that one batuchka. now, for video card I can't spend any more than like $80.
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