Hard drive failure and no recovery disc

So I can't log into Windows because when it boots, it freezes and the hard drive makes weird noises. I decided to buy a new hard drive,I have all drivers of my Dell Inspiron 570 but no OS disc :fou: . I had Windows Home Premium 64 bit and I do have the product key. So my question is: how to make a recovery disc?

Sorry for my bad English :??:
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  1. The key should be on the back of the computer. You can down load installation files by following the instructions on this page:

  2. Yup download a Home Premium 64 SP1 image from here (the digital life images are only the original disk, not SP1 so lots more Updates to install): http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Windows-7-Download-118183.html

    When you do the Windows activation do it by phone, since you are using a retail image to activate with an OEM key -- MS is always fine with that, done it many times.
  3. Thank you both! :D ,but how much space does my DVD need?
  4. CommandantN00b said:
    Thank you both! :D ,but how much space does my DVD need?
    You need a single blank 4.7Gb standard DVD disk. Most installs are right around 3Gb on the disk, but require a clean disk used only for making the installer disk.
  5. Thank you now is my problem solved :D
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