Need help building new $500 AMD System

BUDGET RANGE: (400-500)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: (HD Movie, schoolwork, surfing the internet)

COUNTRY : (IRAN) :love:



MONITOR RESOLUTION: (Depends on suggested monitor)

please choice M.B ONLY OF GIGABYTE OR ASUS :sarcastic:
AND choice CPU of AMD co.
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  1. Hmm u have a pricelist from where u @? If in USD you'd be looking at something like

    Rana 4xx
    4gb DDR3
    HD 4850/GTS 250
    80+ 500w
  2. Price list in MY country 10% up Of Price list in USA
  3. Ya then that looks about right - hit a decent casing tats at least 2 x 120mm fans capable for intake/exhaust Could be something like a 760G/770/785G mobo and u set ^^
  4. How is this system?

    M.B : GA-MA770T-USB3 = 122 $
    CPU : Phenom II X2 550 = 105 $
    VGA : Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 =108 $
    RAM : Crucial DDR2-800 PC2-6400 (2 x 1 GB sticks) = 62 $

    The prices in the IRAN
  5. I do not speak good English
    Its an AM3 socket mobo sporting DDR3 DIMM slots so is incompatible with those DDR2 RAMs u picked out ^^

    You could tone down to a 770/785 with no frills USB/SATA III at your budget , an AthlonII X3 and see if u could snag something like a GTS 250/HD 4850?
  7. thankyou very much
  8. You are welcomed and happy shopping/building ^^
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