Computer failure, REALLY confused :(

Hi guys,
I built a computer around 10 months ago and since then its been working flawlessly, and recently i decided to upgrade it with a new GPU and harddrives, but here is my problem:

when i installed the new GPU and harddrives my computer would turn on, fans spinning and all but the monitor would get no signal.

I tried EVERYTHING, i got a new motherboard, new CPU, i switched between 3 GPUs, old hard drives, RAM sticks, different power supply and nothing seems to help...

is there something else i can do?

Old system specs:
Phenom x4 965
M4A79XTD EVO asus
700watt Ocz PSU
WD drives
8800GTS 512mb

I installed F3 spinpoints and a 4850 Radeon
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