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Hi guys,

I am getting flicker in most of the games I am playing (but not all), it is in the form of horizontal lines flicking up and down the screen. While it isn't hugely noticable, it is getting really annoying. I have tried virtually every solution I can find on the internet, including resolutions, refresh rates, v-sync, all options in CCC etc. I have swapped monitors and cables and it still happens with no improvements at all.

I am running a Radeon HD 4890 with Windows 7 64bit.

Now i'm thinking i'm most likely looking at a faulty graphics card, but I also wonder whether it may be my PSU, as it's not a well-known brand (800w though).

Any more suggestions before I order a new card?

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  1. Its good that you have tried new monitors.

    The next step is to try another computer. Try using that video card in another computer, see if you still get the same problems. That way you will know if its your motherboard or PSU possibly.

    Also have you tried new drivers? Download Driver Sweeper and remove every driver you have that pertains to video cards and then try the newest AMD/ATI drivers for that card, see if that helps.
  2. Just tried the Driver Sweeper route but with no luck :(

    I can't try another computer as no-one I know has a PSU with 2x PCI-E power.

    Thanks anyway :)

    Anyone else?
  3. Also, I've just tried the Crysis demo, and the tearing is horrendous, worse than I've seen in any other game, up to the point where it's actual tearing.
  4. are you using the 10.6 drivers? ive had problems with that one my self for my 4850 but i switched back to the 10.4 drivers by uninstalling the 10.6 and installing the 10.4 drivers, try it, it worked for me so it should for you as well, here's a link for the old drivers :


    pick the 10.4 that's suiting your os, i can't recommend the others since i didn't test them.
  5. Nope, didn't work, thanks for the reply though.

    Something I did find weird, on the loading screen, when the loading bar was still (nothing moving on screen) the flicker would stop altogether, but when it was moving up, it was flickering.
  6. I've got an update to my problem.

    I just tried another graphics card (HD 5670) and there was still flicker, though it was much fainter, but still there. This card doesn't need any PCI-E power from the PSU at all.

    I'm so confused. :fou:
  7. OK now I really am stumped.

    My brother's PC is literally right next to mine and we have the exactly the same monitor. I fixed my rig up to his cables and monitor and I have the same problem. I then tried my card in his PC (had to route my PCI-E power cables from my rig to power it) - same problem. I figure it's a faulty card.

    I order a new card (5750) and get exactly the same problem, RMA it. Next I get a new, better PSU thinking the card must not be getting the power it needs - doesn't help.

    Now there's only a few things I can think of; the monitors (as they're the same model), interference coming from somewhere in my house or the DVI-VGA adapter I have to use with my card. I tried the adapter with my brothers setup, he's still fine. I then literally turned off absolutely everything in the house except my setup - still the problem persists.

    Then I get an old crappy viewsonic lcd monitor out and try it - yes, still there.

    Now, the funny thing is when I hook my rig up to my 37" LCD TV via DVI-HDMI adapter I can't see the flicker at all in the same games.

    I'm so confused right now and i've spent so much time trying to fix this. Any more suggestions?
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