Help?! Motherboard not detecting sata drives?

Right so I am looking to raid 2 identical Samsung 1TB F3's. They show up fine in windows, I formatted my blank one to make sure and drivers have been updated. I have connected them to SATA_0 and SATA_1 which I believe are connected by the controller. I have followed the BIOS instructions but when the SATA screeen boots I get: Detecting Drives; Done; No Drives Found? What can I be doing wrong?

My motherboard is a GA-P55-US3L.
(Page 79)

The first drive is filled with data which I assumed would not be a problem (I know it gets wiped). The second has been formatted but is a new drive and otherwise empty.

Thanks :S Sean
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  1. Set your first boot device as cd or dvd, then second device as the hardrive. Don't use a usb flash drive or floppy as a boot device unless you have to. They tend to cause problems. I disable the third boot option when setting the boot order in the bios.
  2. My first by default is HDD. I don't change the order as such, just pick which one I want to load first. I tried picking CD first with an empty drive and it didn't help much.

    Thanks anyway

    Other ideas?
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  4. I haven't gone to W-7 yet, so it may be different. However, installation of XP-PRO OS requires you to enter F6 during install in order to get the RAID drivers installed.
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