512 pc2100 and geforce fx 5200 ultra for sale

I have a 512mb stick of pc2100 ddr memory (kingston mid grade) and a Geforce fx 5200 ultra 128mb (chaintech) for sale. I think I will sell the memory for $45 and no shipping, and the Geforce for $60 no shipping. Reply to this,, or my AIM handle offthewall038 . thanks

p4 2.6 512 HT 800mhz
2x512mb pc3200 kingston mid grade
geforce fx 5200 ultra
western dig. 160 gb 7200 8mb
asus p4s800
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  1. Well, the price of a new Fx5200 ultra can be found for $60, and even at that price, it's a ripoff. (You can get Geforce4 ti4200's for $70 that will spank it in every test and game). I'd buy it for maybe $30

    :cool: I run my AthlonXfx at 7.65 Exahertz :cool:
  2. what card would you recommend Quetzacoatl?
  3. If you're on a budget? Just about any Geforce4 ti4200 will run about $70, generally can be overclocked to ti4600 speeds, and will handily meet or beat Radeon 9600 Pros/Xt and the Geforce Fx5700. If you have more, a Geforce Fx5900 non ultra will cost about $200, and overclock to 5950 speeds easily. Both are good buys.

    If you can find a Radeon 9500 Pro, they are even better buys, they'll cost maybe $125, that'd be a good price for a card that outdoes a Geforce4 ti4600

    :cool: I run my AthlonXfx at 7.65 Exahertz :cool:
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