Why cant my windows 7 computer find my vista laptop on the same network?

I just bought a new desktop running windows 7 and when I connected it to the existing home network, it won't find anything, not even my vista laptop, but my laptop can find the desktop. How do I fix this so that I can access movies from my laptop on my desktop? Also, when I first connected the new desktop, I saw my wireless XBOX360 show up, but now it doesn't.
I don't have any internet connectivity issues with any of my computers or anything, so all these answers have been frustratingly useless to me.
Please help!!
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  1. Have you checked the security settings for the laptop share? Keep in mind that the laptop must grant access to the desktop user at both the share and hard drive level. One easy (but not that convenient) way to do this is putting the shared files on the laptop's "public" folders and then enabling the "Public folder sharing" option in the "network and sharing center". Also, just to be sure check that both machines are on the same workgroup.
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