Is my GPU dead and gone?

So yesterday all of a sudden, my 8800GTS goes haywire while playing a game.

Now when I turn on my computer, the resolution shrinks and the graphics are still screwed up, but I can move my mouse and kind of see what I am doing, but it is no where near playable.

When I start my computer, it can either look fine at the start before the windows loadup, or it can look screwed up, but when I get to after typing in my password and hit enter, when it goes to desktop, the graphics screw up again. The computer also does not read the video card.

That is what my desktop looks like now (On a crappier computer atm)

I have tried reseating the GPU and even the RAM. *EDIT* I tried turning off the computer for a couple of days, still the same problem.

Is it completely gone? Time to lay it to rest? I really hope not, as I cannot afford a new GPU right now =/

Mobo: EP45-UD3R
GPU: 8800 GTS MSI OC edition
RAM: XMS2 DDR2 Corsair 2x 1g sticks
CPU: E8400 Wolfdale
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  1. Seems like its dieing, and I can tell you tried it on another computer? Right as per "on a crappier computer atm".

    If so the last thing you can do is get rid of all other graphics drivers, try the newest ones see is that helps.

    If that doesn't work it sounds like it is dead, there are miracle ways to fix that though, but they do no always work.
  2. Ok, so I just turned it back on and everything seems to be normal, so I whipped out Riva Tuner and turned the fan on the GPU up some more just in case.

    I went ahead and deleted/reinstalled my GPU drivers, just in case, so far, for about 30 mins, everything is fine...I am terrified of trying to play a game though =/
  3. What is your PSU? brand? model? how old?
    The only way to test whether your card is dying or just fine is play some heavy games...
    Also check your card temps...
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