GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD can bunddled SSD be used as Boot Drive?


Can the bundled 20GB Intel SLC SSD module on Gigabyte MoBo GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD be used as Boot Drive?

So far it is only known to be used for Intel Smart Response.

Please see below link for reference:,12832.html

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  1. Sorry about spelling "Bundled" incorrectly on the Title ^_^
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    At a joint Microsoft/Intel event, I asked the Intel SSD rep whether this "model 311" 20GB SLC SSD can be used like a regular harddisk, if someone wants to skip the harddisk entirely and in case 20GB is enough for his or her application.

    And the answer was: YES, because the special caching functionality has to be specifically enabled in the BIOS setup screen, and if it isn't, the SSD will appear like a normal harddisk/SSD, without the caching function being enabled.
  3. Thank you gglawits! This is much appreciated.

    I'm pretty sure that Windows 7 OS and basic programs like MS Office, Internet Explorer, Skype, basically for surfing the net PC would fit to 20GB.

    All other files to good old HDD.

    Any thoughts thoughts on the above? Thanks!!!
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