Maybe build a new computer?

This laptop i am on right now lags like crazy on the starting MENU of starcraft 2 due to lack of video ram and just ram in general. I disconnect before i even start the campaign or an online game. I'd like to build/learn to build or find a decent desktop/gaming desktop that doesn't necessarily exceed $400-500. I prefer laptops but i was told that $800 will get you a crappy gaming laptop so thats out of the question. My main goal here is to play starcraft 2 (as well as other games i guess) without lag. Mainly starcraft 2. Now that i think about it... Do people buy entire computers / laptops to be able to play one game? ha.
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  1. What specs laptop? Have u turned down res/settings?
  2. Not sure what specs are batuchka sorry. As for the res/settings for starcraft yes they were on the lowest possible. This computer basically froze when navigating the menus.
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