Possible to move from 512M ddr2-533 to 2GB ddr2-800


I recently made a purchase of 2GB DDR2 800 dimm. The one that I previously had was 512M DDR2 533 dimm. When I put the new RAM the monitor doesn start but its functioning fine with the old RAM.

Have I got the wrong RAM for my computer? Do I need to go for 2GB DDR2 533 dimm to make it work?

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  1. insert the 2gb ram instead of a 512mb one, i think the difference in their frequencies is causing this. try only 2gb ram.
  2. Yes, I did that. and as I said, it gave me a problem.
    I do understand parallel ports should have the same frequencies and hence I had removed 512M-533 one before putting in 2gb-800.
    Is frequency the problem? Do I need to exchange the RAM with the 2gb-533?
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