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Hey guys I've been looking around a bunch for a hard drive at the $50 - $60 price range. So far I've found Western Digital 500gb caviar blue and the samsung spinpoint f4 320gb. Right now im leaning towards the spinpoint but im not sure. The spinpoint seems like a fast hdd but it only has 320gb. But the caviar blue seems like a standard hdd and it has 500gb. They're both the same price also. What hard drive do you guys recommend? Do you guys recommend any other hard drives than these two? $60 is the top of my budget right now.
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  1. Since the two drives are different in size it's going to depend on what you want more capacity or maybe a little bit more speed. The speed thing is not a sure thing where the capacity is so I would go with the larger hard drive. The link below is for a larger drive that comes in at $60.
  2. I don't ever suggest purchasing a refurbished HDD
  3. Emerald said:

    I dont have a microcenter near me :/

    I don't ever suggest purchasing a refurbished HDD

    What do you suggest then?
  4. There's nothing wrong with buying as refurbished hard drive since it will come with some warranty and depending on where you buy it the place will always have a refurbished something , motherboard , ram , hard drive , video card and cpu so it does mean it goes back to the manufacturer to be cleaned and set for sale.
    There is a Bose outlet near where I live and because it's an outlet store it has refurbished parts. I bought a pair of refurbished speakers there 10 years ago and they still work fine like the day I got them and they were half the price of the new ones.
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    It's $20 more , but I thick it's worth it. Newegg has the WD 500gb VelociRaptor 10,000rmp HD for $80 with free shipping.
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