Super quick servey(?) antec vs coolermaster psu


antec basiq 350W 30$
coolermaster 430W 30$

just basic low end dual core pc. im upgrading my gpu from 2600pro to 4850
currently have hp HIPRO 250W that i took from HP.
i hvae g31 gigabyte with 2600PRO, 2x 1GB ddr 2.
e1400 2.0 overclocked to 3.1Ghz.
i have no problem what so ever as it is right now.

and i dont think 4850 will draw 100w more than 2600pro. also im gonna get better dual core so i dont have to overclock,.
so i think 350 w will be good also
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  1. Neither of those, unless you fancy buying a whole new computer when your trashy power supply dies on you.

    Spend a bit more money, you won't regret it.

    $40 and it's all the power that you will need for the 4850.
  2. Yeah I'd drop an extra 10 bucks and go for that Corsair.
  3. Corsair VX450W or the Seasonic S12II 430W. End of story. Avoid Antec Basiq series of PSU's. I don't know why Antec make that. That series really tarnish their image as good PSU manufacturers!
  4. actually, the bp550 is a good ower supply. its the only model in the basiq series wit ha 120mm fan. the low-wattage 80mm fan versions are total crap.
    the bp550 is actually a nice psu, and its modular.
  5. If you must choose between those go for the Cooler Master. I have it ( I'm not currantly using it though) and it's never failed but you should know that it's an overrated psu.
  6. thank you for your recomendations.
    i do know how important are the power supplies..but
    im spending at the most 130$ just for mobo and cpu. i dont feel like going over 40 for psu tho.

    btw i have vx 450 for my main gaming rig
    would you still spend more than 50 on psu for 130 pc?
  7. Absolutely. It is one of the most critical component of a smooth working PC. The VX450W is something around $75. The Seasonic 520W is somewhat cheaper and equally good.
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