Corsair cmz8gx3m2a1600c9 capadible with my mobo

Hello, first time computer build getting a beep then 2 shorter beeps when i boot during the post. My is in the title and my mobo is an asus m4a88td-v evo/usb3. Im getting no display when I boot idk wtf is wrong thinking maybe the ram doesnt match
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Q - What CPU?

    Well the CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 aren't listed as 'Tested' for your MOBO. But from what I've seen might not run at the rated 1600MHz on AMD -> In addition, IMO you want a 4 or 6 core AMD Phenom II CPU for 1600 MHz.

    Further, when using ANY 4GB/stick density RAM IMO update your BIOS before trying 2X4GB or 4X4GB configurations.

    The 2-beeps generally means RAM failure, so shutdown and use only 1-stick. Next, if you can successfully boot go to the BIOS and set the DRAM Voltage -> 1.60v or if that fails 1.70v and let me know.

    Otherwise, IMO use CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 or other Corsair's + AMD

    G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL
  2. Amd anthlon ii x3 processor 3.1ghz triple core design, 1.5 mb total cache.

    Tried taking out one stick still doesnt work. I cant get to the bios to set it up bc i have no display. If its the ram i think im just gonna send it back to newegg get my moneg run out yo bestbuy and pick up something from there bc i dont feel like waiting 4 days for it to come in.
  3. I understand. You might want to try Clear CMOS - use the 'jumper method' per the manual. The RAM should work as Default, use only the same colored slots Black + Black or Blue + Blue.
  4. Or could go buy some smaller but cheaper sticks (just enough to get a display and so i can configure the stuff in the bios
  5. I trie that but ill try again thanks for helping btw
  6. Yep, that should work; and yes keep the density 2B/stick or 1GB/stick -- you can return the RAM locally...
  7. Still getting two beeps
  8. Wait so the ram should work?; Your saying if i could get like 2 gigs (enough) for display then set the stuff higher in bios my original ram should work?
  9. The RAM 'should' work IF the BIOS supports 4GB/density and you have either BIOS versions 1601 or 1702.

    Otherwise, simply the RAM could be bad it happens and that's also assuming your MOBO is 'good'. I assume that the RAM is Fully seated properly and the DIMM locks are fully engaged (you cannot see the RAM connectors or at most a fraction of the tops).

    edit: 4 x DIMM, Max. 16GB, DDR3 2000(O.C.)/1333/1066 = 4GB/stick.
  10. Yes they're fully locked in...thats somenshit that the ram could be bad. The max ram On mobo is 16g so im sure the 4g denisty sticks have to work bc (dual channel and only 4 slots right?) how could i tell i the mobo is bad? I mean all the fans come on the little green led stays lit. Idk what version the bios is how could I find that out?
  11. Delengowski said: could i tell i the mobo is bad?
    ...I mean all the fans come on the little green led stays lit.
    ...Idk what version the bios is how could I find that out?

    --> Or could go buy some smaller but cheaper sticks

    NOW - Read manual page 2-22 the MemOK section to see if it will boot.

    FIRST - I'd start by getting some 'returnable' set of 2x2GB or 2x1GB set someplace locally.

    SECOND - IF it boots with the 'new' set then: 1. MOBO + CPU = Good, 2. BIOS update to latest version.

    THIRD - IF the BIOS fixes the 2x4GB then you know it's good or not; Otherwise RAM is the bad.

    Spinning fans determines nothing.

    Let me know.
  12. Ok well i did the memok! Thing and now im getting a single beep but still no display. When i went to get my ipod classic i looked in everystore i could think off non of them had ddr3 on stock
  13. I know single beep is vga detected, quick boot disabled, keyboard not found BUT the keyboard lights up and stays light even when the computers off
  14. Idk if this norm but my power supply cord that goes in the 24 pin has 24 slots but one of them has nothing in it and another has two wires running into it. Idk if the cord isbad then

    Edit: nvm its normal
  15. Your 24-pin is correct, I also assume that your 4 or 8-pin CPU is connected -- IMO only use the 8-pin and remove the 'cap.' A single 'beep' means normal boot. Q - is your monitor set to the correct input? If you're using a discrete GPU check that its' 4/6/8-pin is also connected to the PSU.

    {I just got in, but I'm calling it a night}.
  16. My gpu has doesnt have anything to plug into it pin wise, yes my 8 pin is connected. Monitor only has one input its kinda old but still a flat screen. Gonna take out my vidrocard see what happens

    Thanks for help so far good night
  17. Whyd you have to go to bed!!! Display came on when i took out my videocard so something isnt right but i can fix that later atleast i can ge my bios configured now
  18. When you wake up and if you even look at this (or anyone else) i got windows on, installed the drivers for processors and mobo but when I install vga i get no display, if anyone could help id really appreciate it
  19. Possible problems: 1. Bad GPU, 2. Bad MOBO or at least the PCIe slot {try the white PCIe slot}, 3. Did you originally connect the monitor to the discrete GPU or the onboard VGA when the GPU was installed {if installing discrete GPU use the GPU ports}.
  20. I originally plugged the monitor into the D-sub out port, my videocard has no port for my monitor...i havnt tried the whie slot but ill do that now
  21. I originally plugged the monitor into the D-sub out port, my videocard has no port for my monitor...i havnt tried the whie slot but ill do that now

    My usb mouse just randomly stopped working also tried different ports restarting it each timr
  22. I think i just found the problem when installing the card i noticed the hall towards where the ports would stick out cannot go in all the way because the card is too low and the rail where the ports would stick out is too high

    Edit: I got it to fit in the white still nothing, the blue fits perfectly fine though
  23. Been going through the bios and is a 53c cpu an 42c mobo hot?
  24. Anuyone got an idea what to do? My effin usb mouse stopped working too such a pita
  25. In order to get Video from the discrete GPU you'll need to get an adpater from the GPU output to your monitor's input. Most GPUs come with a DVI -> VGA adapter, they're $4.

    As far as the USB Mouse, you can try to re-install the Driver, open the Device Manager, right click Mice... select the Mouse right-click Uninstall; do this AFTER you know how to restart your PC using the Keyboard - Windows Key / arrow up / Enter. Otherwise if it's Wireless either move the receiver closer, replace the battery, or 're-pair' to the receiver. :)
  26. Yeah i know how to get around the computer with the keyboard...The problem with your mouse directions, i go to mouse>hardware but theres nothing there at all to, and when I search for usb devices nothing comes up....and the dvi > vga adapter will fix my problem with not getting a display when my videocard is in?
  27. Mouse - try another USB port. Video - as I said the only way to 'use' a discrete GPU is for your monitor to be directly connected to it.
  28. Yeah yhe aadapter worked thank you oh so much, ive tried different ports restarting the computer everytime. On original boot up, it worked and then just stopped but still has power its wierd
  29. I just found a piece thats usb>mouse port so hopefully this works gonna try now

    Thank you so much for all the help!
  30. Still cant get this effing mouse to work :/
  31. Try a different mouse ;)
  32. Sorry to bring this back.....ummm just hooked up speakers and Im not getting any sound, I dont need a sound card do I? I mean motherboard has various ports for AUX cables and what not....drivers are up to date...Is a sound card really required for speakers and such?
  33. If you're using an HDMI port off your MOBO OR GPU then all other sound output is disabled. Otherwise, the stereo output off the MOBO is 'generally' the Green 3.5mm jack; see page 2-27 of your manual.
  34. Im not using that port at at work anyway (nightwork) aint gonna be able to fix it right now anyway
  35. Ok I had the HD audio hooked up on my motherboard switched to AC'97 switched the Bios to AC'97 too....all the drivers are up to date Im just so confused why I am getting no sound. The speakers work.....
  36. Q - What EXACT port from above are you using for audio out, just to be clear?
    Q - What 'Speaker' are they attached to?

    IMO - Use the BIOS default sound settings before complicating it more.

    Example, the Default Sound needs to match-up with 'Device' it's connected. In this example it's the Optical:

    Example it's the 3.5mm or the analog stereo {i.e. Green port above}:
  37. The speakers have a phone next to it not a check mark and the Realtek Digital Output is what has the Checkmark....I do have it plugged in the 3.5mm port but on the Audio Manager window that port isnt lit up like yours.....I also dont have any Realtek Digital Output(Optical) on the Sounds windows...

    Ok I just set the speakers to the default and now it has a Checkmark but Im still getting no sound
  38. Using the stereo 3.5mm in the green plug in the back of the MOBO, it should look like:

  39. Everything is like that expect on your picture Under Analog Back panel your 3.5mm jack is lit up...mine isn't its faded so something is right but your sound and my sound match up. Question should I have the AC'97 plugged in on the motherboard or the HD Audio I currently have the AC'97 plugged in?
  40. BIOS:
    High Definition Audio [Enabled]
    Front Panel Type [HD Audio]
    SPDIF OUT Mode Setting [SPDIF]

    The above arr my 'Default' settings are work fine with my 3.5mm speaker plugged into the Green output, ass-end, of my MOBO's I/O.

    If that doesn't work then: make certain the Volume is up, twist the 3.5mm jack right & left while plugged-in, try pulling-out slightly. In any case your speaker's sound be making 'some' noise from the movement alone. If not then re-examine your 'speakers' and verify it's volume is up, correct input, and if needed test them on some other device e.g. you phone, MP3 player, etc.
  41. The High Definition Audio and Front Panel are set to that but I cannont for the life of me find SPDIF OUT Mode speakers work because when I plug them in the AUX or around it they make static sound....and I checked them in my Ipod anyway but...yeah
  42. Your MOBO may be damaged. When your PC starts-up do you hear a beep coming from your speakers?
  43. I hear a beep from my mobo speaker the little one inside but not from my big one
  44. If your BIOS is "Load Defaults" or "Load Optimized" and the Sound Control panel is set as described then IMO the onboard is faulty aka MOBO is faulty.

    You can try testing with a different set of speakers, RMA {Return} the MOBO. or bring the PC to a service center.
  45. jaquith said:
    If your BIOS is "Load Defaults" or "Load Optimized" and the Sound Control panel is set as described then IMO the onboard is faulty aka MOBO is faulty.

    You can try testing with a different set of speakers, RMA {Return} the MOBO. or bring the PC to a service center.

    Well I was looking through the manuel and one of the pages has a picture that looks exactly like as my bios does,but lets just say something is wrong if i bought a sound card would it fix it?
  46. Yes, but that's an expense; just make certain it has the correct PCI/PCIe interface. The easiest is a USB Sound adapter for basic stereo.

    On the top there's a small PCIe x1 slot and below three PCI slots. One of the 'best' is HT | OMEGA.

    Examples of cheap but okay; sound card aren't perfect.
    $19 StarTech ICUSBAUDIO USB ->
    $27 Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1 PCI ->
    $77 ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Channels PCI Express x1 ->
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