NVidia nForce 750i SLI Mainboard Issues

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I just bought a used desktop that has a custom tower design. Here are the specs:

Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 gHZ (can't remember the model, currently formatting and reinstalling Windows XP as I'm writing this)
nVidia nForce 750i SLI Mainboard
nVidia GTS 250 GPU
4 GB DDR2 memory

I think that's about all of the information that is needed to explain my issues. Well, I installed Windows XP Professional yesterday. It went smoothly and the computer is smoking fast. Well, I then had to install the drivers. Because of the custom build, I can't just "go and download the (insert batch of drivers from website)."

I have to install each one individually. I installed the motherboard ethernet drivers from here:


However, I realized that these are not the correct drivers for my motherboard. They worked, but I don't believe that they are correct. I searched some more and found these:


Now, when I installed the first set of drivers something weird happened. Most of my USB ports stopped working. I have 10 or 11 ports on the computer. When I went into the Device Manager after installing the motherboard drivers, however, it only showed 2 USB Hubs. On top of that, the two Hubs that are installed only work half of the time. Sometimes I will reboot the computer and my mouse with turn off and it won't read and USB drives.

Could this be the work of those wrong drivers? Is there any way to install more USB Hubs? WTH is going on?
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  1. I always use the original motherboard cd to install any device drivers first. Windows may detect a newer driver and ask you if you want to update it. Also look for conflicts in the device manager under "system" in the control panel. You may need to uninstall any devices with a mark next to them, reboot, and let windows reinstall them.
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