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Hi i'm looking to upgrade my old reliable 8800GT 512MB. Ii'm looking for a fairly good performance increase for around the 200.00 mark and although i used to be a die hard nvidia fan it seems ATI is beating them in performance this time around so i'd go eithier way. Any suggestions?
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  1. Computer specs are as follows and i'm interested in gaming performance.

    CPU Full Name Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
    Physical Memory 8190 MB Total, 6367 MB Free
    750W Power Supply
    Run at 1680x1050 Resoultion
  2. What's your PSU?
  3. 750 Watts i just added that in above. :)
  4. GTX460 1gb at $200 is by far the best thing going!
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    Umm around the $200 mark, nvidia is in fact beating ATI with the introduction of the GTX 460. I would recommend the 1GB model (it's about $220 or so), which is somewhere in between ATI's Radeon 5830 and 5850 ($220 and $300, respectively). If you can't afford the 460 1GB, you can look into the 768MB model ($200), but it doesn't perform quite as well (I'd still take it over a 5770).
  6. Get an HD5830 over the 1GB GTX460.
  7. Alright well that gives me one from each manufacturer to look at. Will the 750W be enough with this video card, 2 HD's 2 DVD drives, the CPU and MB?
  8. Very much enough.
  9. All right thanks all for the info!
  10. shadow187 said:
    Get an HD5830 over the 1GB GTX460.

    actually the opposite, the gtx 460 is a little bit faster than the 5830 and especially in dx11 games that uses tessellation, judging by several sources with the latest drivers.
  11. Woops, didn't mean that. Meant the 768Mb GTX460. Only if you can find it cheaper, though.
  12. Read more than one game, by the way.
  13. Both versions of the GTX 460 are a good deal. I would lean more towards the 1gb model if you plan on SLI in the future. 192bit/768mb is acceptable for a single card but the memory systems are redundant in SLI and it wont be enough to fully utilize the processing power when you have 2 GPUs working together.
  14. the 1 gb version will be a better choice since the extra buffer size will help when you enable anti alysing and other eye candys that takes up alot of mem it will also let you run higher resolutions more smoother since it has that extra mem.
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