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I am looking at 2 netbooks (MSi wind L1350 and Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 specifically). Both netbooks have an intel atom N450 CPU, which to my knowledge contains intel GMA 3150 graphics. However, when I look at specs for the Inspiron, it says that graphics are on an intel GMA 950. When I look up the comparative specs, the GMA 3150 looks better, however, shouldn't the inspiron contain GMA 3150 as well because of it's atom N450 cpu? I suppose my bottom line question is that, on the inspiron, will both graphics work together or not (if they are indeed both present), and overall, which laptop will be getting better performance/battery life out of the graphics configuration.
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  1. Only one or the other will be present as they are both integrated GPUs, and it doesnt really matter which one is present, they are both fairly low power and there shouldnt be a significant difference in performance or battery life between the two of them.
  2. Atom+integrated gpu are bad combination for graphic works like photo editing and gaming. It good for office work but absolutely not for heavy task like gaming or editing...
  3. This article shows what other research has proven, the N450 has the graphics on die much like the i3 and i5 CPUs.

    This means that it is likely there is a typo somewhere in the product description. It is possible to combine the N450 with another graphics solution, but it would likely be ION.
    In some reviews I have seen, the Intel GMA 950 was a little faster in some multimedia tests, but it is probably negligible since you really can't stream video with either chipset.
    I would confirm the chipset with the seller, but as hunter suggests its prolly a coin toss between the two.
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