What video card should i buy

i was lookin at a 4890 or a 5770... which do you think would be better for my comp..

Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit(6.1,Build 7600)
Pentium dual-core E5300 @ 2.6ghz
4096mb ram
Geforce 7900 GS
P5QPL-AM motherboard
500w BFG power supply
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  1. An HD5770. The E5300 isn't a powerful processor, and it'll suffer from an HD4890.
  2. ^+1
    That processor OC easily and well and should handle 3.3-3.5ghz just on the stock cooler. You motherboard should handle it easily as well.
    Forget about the HD4890 and choose between the HD5770 and the GTX 460.
  3. 5770 1gb

    OC well


    require a lot less power and generate a lot less heat than a 460, and are can be found in very small formats.

    460 would be an overkill for ur system anyway.
  4. It wouldn't be overkill if he OCs the processor and has a high resolution monitor.
    Resolution is a good question actually as it is important when picking out a card so tell us your monitors native resolution.
  5. i got a hp w1707 monitor that runs at 900x1440 its 720 p if that matters
  6. its 17inch i think
  7. At that resolution just get the HD5770. It is already overkill. If you are going to upgrade to 1920x1080 before too long then consider the GTX 460.
  8. aight man thanks
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