Need bios guidance

i7 930
corsair h50 push pull
gigabyte ga-x58-udr3
corsair 6gb 8-8-8-24 1600 ram
evga 270 fermi
2x seagate barracuda 750 32mb 7200.12 hdd
corsair 850w psu
lite-on 24x burner

i need some help in bios. i really do not have much of a clue as to what im doing in there. i have been trying to read guides, but not finding answers. i put my pc together last night and everything seems to be going ok. i loaded the os and installed all up to date drivers on everything. loaded star craft II and the screen keeps going crazy after some time of playing. maybe an hour or so into a game. the gpu is crazy hot. please help me figure how to properly set all aspects of bios for my specific build.

thanks in advance.
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  1. why is nobody replying to this? am i missing something?
  2. 1) What temps are on your GPU - both idle and load.

    2) What exactly are you trying to do in the BIOS settings?

    3) Sometimes things take a while to get replied to, which is why it's fine to bump a thread every few days if it gets no replies. That's also why I go around looking for the threads that no one's bothered replying to in the past few days :)
  3. i have since changed out the gpu for an xfx 5850.

    as far as bios goes i am more or less trying to be sure that everything is set up for my pc to run optimally.

    i have recently heard that i need to go to the evga website to download a newer driver for my gigabyte mobo. heard the gigabyte drivers are not as up to date as the evga and that they are the same?
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