Im upgrading my computer, getting new motherboard, processor, and video card, but i still want to use the hard drive i have
Is there a way i do a clean reinstall without losing all the information?
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  1. I would back up the data that you need then format the disk and do a fresh install.
  2. If it is Windows 7, you can do a full repair installation without losing programs or data -- BUT back up all data first in case something goes wrong. Here is a step by step for doing the repair install that you need to accomplish this:

    Do the rebuild, then do not try to start up on the HDD, start with the Windows 7 disk in just like you would for a new clean install, but do the repair type instead. After you finish and it is running you will have to update all the Windows updates and you have to use an SP1 disk if your old disk was not and you updated to SP1. You can get a legit disk image of the same version that you have from here to do the new repair:
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