Will this work for Starcraft 2

Found this on and I have no idea if this will work for Starcraft 2, along with other mid-range PC games.

Other Specs of my PC are (I don't know if they are also needed):
Core 2 Duo E7400@2.8 GHz
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  1. The recommended card is an 8800Gt, the ATI equivalent being an HD4850 or HD5750. The HD5550 is vastly inferior to either.
  2. it will "work" of course but not very well on decent graphics.
  3. Anything recommended for around $100 preferably less, that is also a low profile/ low profile bracket?
  4. Both the 9800gt and 4850 are about that price on Both are single slot, but not as small as the one you linked. Why do you need such a tiny card?
  5. lucuis said:
    Both the 9800gt and 4850 are about that price on Both are single slot, but not as small as the one you linked. Why do you need such a tiny card?

    I have a slim tower, and a normal sized card will stick out of the case. So I need a "low profile" card to fit into the case. The only way to actually make a normal card fit is for me to keep the cover off the side of the computer, but the computer won't actually work without the cover on it.
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    Well a low profile card won't have the horsepower to turn up the settings, but it will play i'm sure. Might consider getting a new case ;)

    EDIT: Just seen this, you can max, without aa and perhaps ultra textures with this card.
  7. Will a motherboard that is made for a slim tower fit into a different sized case, with everything where it is supposed to be?
  8. That i don't know off hand. I'd wager it would, unless it's some proprietary doodad. Either way, check out the card i linked. Should do what you want.
  9. Well thank you for that, so something like this doesn't happen again, is there anything specific I would need to look for to know if it's the right one or not?
  10. What do you mean?
  11. Well at first I was looking for higher memory in the cards. I was looking through 1GB memory, but the one you showed was 512 MB. I always thought that the higher memory the better the card. I guess I still have much to learn.

    This one also says 256- bit, should I look for cards that are higher in that, rather than memory?
  12. Yeah there's a lot more to it then just vram. I usually search benchmarks to get an idea of performance. I know the 9800gt is good because a friend of mine used one for a while before he got his 5850. It's quite the little performer and should make most your games look pretty, including sc2.

    The memory bus does help too, but it's just one of many factors like i said. Realworld benchmarks tell the tail best though :)

    The only thing that might be a problem is power. I don't know what sort of power this version of the card needs, or what sort of Power Supply you have.

    What card are you replacing?
  13. My current card is Ati Radeon HD 3450. It was the card that came with the computer when I bought it.
  14. I also wanted to ask, is this something I can overclock to make it run better. I don't know much about overclocking, besides it will make it perform better, at the risk of over heating.
  15. Overclocking in a slim case is a bad idea, too much heat and not enough airflow, best just to leave it as is.

    The PSU in the case should be enough, assuming it has a 6pin pci power connector for the 9800gt.

    I'm guessing your current GPU doesn't need one, i'd check to make sure your PSU does have one. Looks like this, Or you may have something like this.
  16. From what I can see in the picture the bottom of the card that plugs into the mother board is exactly the same. There is a small port next to the PCI-E port, though. Besides that I do not have those wires in the pictures. Well it looks like there is somewhere I could plug the white part of one of the wires in. I checked again, and that is not the right thing. If I got one of those wires, where would I have to plug it into?
  17. I found my PSU and it is bestec tfx0250d5w REV: X4 , do you know if it is compatible?
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  19. Nope won't work, simply doesn't have the power, even if you had the connections. You'll need a GPU that doesn't require any extra power, or a new PSU.

    This is about as good as your gonna get without having to buy new PSU.

    I doesn't do half bad in benchies, but it seems to be about 30-50% slower then a 9800gt. I'd recon it'd manage SC2 at around highish settings depending on your resolution and sensitivity to lower frame rates.
  20. About how much would a new PSU cost, and do you know if it's something that would be able to replace the one is have. Will my computer be able to use it. I've already ordered the card, and would much rather upgrade my PSU, than downgrade the graphics card.
  21. From what i read the PSU you have is just a standard atx PSU. So any aftermarket PSU would work.

    The only thing i'm not sure of is if it will physically fit inside the case.
  22. That's what I was worried about. Seems like it all comes down to getting a new case, would make my life easier. But that also draws upon the problem of getting things to fit right into there, and be where it should be.
  23. I'd recommend the Antec 300, best cheap case out there imo. As for everything fitting in the case, it should. I'd imagine it's just a mini/micro-atx board in there.

    Although i've seen some non-standard mobos before. But they run a special btx or similar PSU. Since your current PSU is ATX, i'm running on the assumption that your Mobo is also some form of ATX and then would fit any ATX case.

    That case also comes with 2 Big fans.

    I hope i haven't gotten you into a bigger mess ><
  24. I might just have to deal with what I have. If I did get the new case, I would then have to find a person to take everything out of my current case, and put it into the new one. Doing something like that could also void my warranty.

    Getting a new power supply, I would still need to find someone who could install it.

    All of that would cost money I don't have.

    Well thank you for all of your help, I very much appreciate it.
  25. Yeah might be best to cancel the order. DL the SC2 Beta client and open it up, the welcome screen is actually quite intensive, it should give you some idea of if your current computer, as is, will run it.

    Glad to be of service.
  26. lucuis said:
    Yeah might be best to cancel the order. DL the SC2 Beta client and open it up, the welcome screen is actually quite intensive, it should give you some idea of if your current computer, as is, will run it.

    Glad to be of service.

    This may be a little late, after I said my goodbyes and everything. But as I was canceling the order, I decided to take one last look, and found this and wanted to know how this compared to the other

    Here is the other one to make it easier:

    I compared the two of them and to me they seem the exact same, but I really don't know anything.

    I looked at benchmarks for this, it seems pretty good, but it also talks about SLI. My guess is that is something I wouldn't be able to use on my computer, but if you know if I would be able to do it please let me know.

    Here is another one. If you could tell me which is the best, it would be very much appreciated.
  27. That 9600gt should work, one reviewer said he used it in a dell with a 280watt psu. It's not quite as powerful as the 9800, but darned close, i think you'll be happy with it. That'd be my pic, the 9800gt we determined would not work due to the added power requirement.

    That last one wouldn't fit your case. At least visually it looks too wide.
  28. I just want to make sure with this one, all I have to do is to plug it into the correct port in the computer and it will work fine? It doesn't need any other thing to help it run correctly?
  29. i think ur options for a low profile card would be the ati 5570, gt240 low profile and the 9600gt low profile. there are 2 different versions of the low profile 9600gt. 1 of them has a max power usage of 58w and will work straight from the pci-e slot.
  30. thats the same 1 u posted above. i think it is that 1 but im not sure. heres the link to the official card page.
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