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ATI RADEON 5850 Grey Lines on Screen

Ok, So i just built a new system yesterday and so far everything has gone flawless except when i want to play games. After roughly 10 to 20 mins in I get the dreaded grey line display on my monitor. The game I have been playing is Crysis at high settings. I have also played APB and the game locked up once on me.

I have looked around for quite sometime now on a possible fix. According to ATI this problem was fixed with there Catylyst 10.1 hot fix. Not the case for me and others from what i have been reading. Is it possible that it is a faulty card or is there still a serious issue out there that ATI is currently trying to fix. I am currently tryin driver 10.3 some people on other forums said that has worked for them.

If anyone has any other ideas it would be greatly appreciated Thanks


My System Build is
Core i7 930 2.8Ghz
Asrock Delux3 Motherboard
6gb Ram Gskill Trident DDR3 1600
1000w corsair PSU
Noctua NHU-12SE Heatsink & FAN
64gb SSD
1TB WD Black
500GB WD Blue

Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
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  1. Try to lowering your game setting, see if that's help.
    Also check your card temps, what score did you got?
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    "The Video car is a ATI RADEON HD 5850 SAPPHIRE TOXIC 2GB DDR5" Since you have a sapphire card i suggest you get the latest drivers from . Pay attention because the 5850 and 5850vapor-x have different drives, your card might have different ones as well.

    I have a 5770 and never had any problems with it, i am using 10.5 catalist drivers for it.

    Here you go:

    Step one: graphic card,
    Step two: PCI-E,
    Step three: sapphire 5800 series,
    Step four: Sapphire toxic 5850 2 Gb version,
    Step five: operating system windows 7 64BIT and submit

    Download the last 3 and install them. After that let us know if you still have that problem.
  3. RMA the card as soon as you can and get a new one, otherwise you will waste your time trying to find a solution, and you won't.
  4. Ok after my post i was able to play l4d2 for about 2 hours no problems. I thought i was golden. Until this morning when i tried to run the windows rating and the screen just went grey on me, with no lines.

    Ionut19 - I will try the drivers from sapphire and get back to you
    So i just installed driver 10.6 from the link provided but there was no display driver attached with it? so i installed the 10.5 driver and kept the 10.6 for all the applications

    dipankar2007ind - If you youtube search "ati Radeon 5850 GSOD" you will see what I am talking about.
  5. There are 3 setups(downloads) that you must run, did you run them all? And if yes and after that it said that you do not have a display driver installed wile trying to install one of them then install them in another order. Happened to me once also.
  6. lowering your gpu clocks may help
  7. ionut19 thanks for the help...i was just able to play Crysis for an hour straight on high settings with no issues with the 10.5 driver from Sapphire so i am going to keep it at that for the time being the 10.6 CCC and driver were just released 2 days ago by ATI so I'm gonna assume that Sapphire hasn't released there 10.6 driver yet and are just posting the applications from ATI

    Again thanks for the help and if anything changes ill be back
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  9. Your welcome. If the lines do appear even after the new drivers have been installed you should consider to RMA the card.
  10. ya i definetly will but lets hope not thanks again
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