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Hi guys,

Last year my PC died (it was just a PSU fault, but the company fixing it misdiagnosed it as something else entirely), and I've just this morning bought a replacement. I've also managed to dig out my old internal hard drive, and was wondering what would happen if I were to install it?

My concern is that since it has an OS already installed (Windows 7), plugging it in would cause it to somehow clash with the copy of the OS the PC is currently running, can anyone tell me if this would be the case?
All I really want is to extract some old files and if it's still working, use it as extra storage. Is this possible?


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  1. No problem.
    When you attach it, make certain that the bios boots to the proper os drive.
    You should be able to make it visible to windows without a problem and read or delete any files you want.
    control panel/administrative tools/computer management/storage will give you options.
  2. Thanks man,

    How can I differentiate between drives in boot mode?
  3. Trynottobreathe said:
    Thanks man,

    How can I differentiate between drives in boot mode?

    Good question.

    In the bios, it will identify the brand/model number.
    If the drives are identical, then you need to give each drive a name.
    Before you attach the second drive, give your primary drive a volume name(again in storage management) .
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