Hello. im having MAJOR issue's with my computer. When ever I start it up, it goes just until my welcome center window pops up in desktop. Now when I say just when it open's up, I mean BAM on the spot. And the bsod messages are fast so i cant read all of them. I cant go into safemode nor can i do startup repair cause i got a message the first time that said winpeshi.exe has failed (0xc0000142)

Then when i rebooted, I saw my windows recovery message window pop up and the problem event was a blue screen and it said OS version 6.0.6002.
I have NO idea what this means and i removed some of my ram but it didnt fix the problem. I also removed my gpu which is a gt 220. Finally a cdhsk disk check initiated and it said something about a few orphand files including, Allsystem.[1]. then the rest I couldnt get. Please if you have any knowledge on what the problem is, comment :D

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  1. It sounds very much as if you have caught a virus, the problem may be memory or driver related but I don’t think so. The fact that you can not boot into safe mode because of “winpeshi.exe” which is not a recognized file name makes me think this even more. Often in these cases it is better to just backup your data and reinstall Windows rather than trying to fix things.
  2. Wait, no when i try to activate start up repair that message came up. When i try to go into safe mode I get a blue screen right after the welcome center pops up on my desktop. I went to task manager RIGHT after my desktop loaded and i didnt get a blue screen but then i went back out and got one ?
  3. I think that to make sure that you do not have any hardware issues that you should download and run a bootable version of memtest86.
    From what you have described it is likely that your registry has become corrupted and or you have installed a driver that is incompatible with Windows. I think that the only way that you will fix this is if you can do a system restore using the Vista installation disc or a reinstall.
    There is a possibility that this problem has been caused by a virus but until you can boot the computer or unless you can fit the hard drive to another computer as an additional drive there is not much that you can do about it.
  4. K, but it doesnt sound like a failing hard drive right ? Cause im really nervous about that :??:
  5. It is unlikely that this is caused by a failing hard drive based upon your description of the problem, but remember Sods law and always back up your data.
  6. k, Im going to send it to a computer shop that really nice. I know alot of computer hardwarew but not error's such as this :cry:
  7. A computer shop will just reinstall the operating system and then give it a quick test. Don’t forget to backup your data before sending it to the computer shop as they will charge extra to save your data. (Don’t forget to tell them to back up your data). When you get it back it would probably be a good idea to run a memory test program to make sure that there are no hardware issues.
  8. Lol ok thanks mate. I think theyl solve it. :)
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