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I tried to create a new installation of Windows 8 evaluation edition on my Studio XPS 1645 laptop. Did not quite like it as it is very different from the usual Windows 7 Professional edition that I am so used to, with the missing start menu button and stuff. Used it for a few days, but was still uncomfortable with it. Moreover, I had issues running other applications on it, as they are not Windows 8 ready yet.

That's when I decided to revert to my original Windows 7 factory image. But, the dell restore shortcut Ctrl+F11 is broken now, apparently by the clean Windows 8 installation I did earlier! Did some research and found out that Dell uses a custom MBR to recognize the shortcut Ctrl+F11 to launch Dell System Restore. This custom MBR is overwritten by any clean OS installation! After some trouble, I was able to use DOS to gain access to the recovery partition and use IMAGEX to restore factory image back.

But, as it turns out, I have lost the original Dell MBR. Tried using fixes as per Goodell's website, but the DSRFIX tool also fails to work. In this regard, can someone help me by providing a copy of the Dell MBR?

This requires a tool "MBRSAVER", which is a part of and can be downloaded from link. Steps as per Goodells website to get the same:
1) Begin with your computer with a known working Dell MBR. (If your computer briefly displays the blue "" bar at the top of the screen during bootup, it has a working Dell MBR
2) Boot the source computer from a DOS boot disk and run the command "mbrsaver /s a:\dellmbr.bin" to save the MBR sector.

This "dellmbr.bin" is the file that may possibly help me to restore the dell MBR and get it back to its original factory configuration.

Any help in this regard will be really appreciated. Thanks!

Important: Anyone planning to upgrade and replace original Dell factory-shipped Operating System, please backup the recovery partitions and DELL MBR using Mbrsaver utility as the new OS could disturb the Dell MBR information!
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  1. Will really appreciate if anyone using a Dell machine with factory configuration could help!
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