Velociraptor raid 0 or ssd?

Since I have used ssd's in the past and having everyone of them fail completely on me I have decided that the WD Velociraptor 500GB Sata III drives would be the best bet for performance.

Should I go with four of these in Raid 10 or get a single 480GB ssd?

What would the performance of two Velociraptors be in raid 0?

I only have the money to go with something under $300
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  1. the SSD will be faster for every day computer use
  2. SSDs are a lot more reliable, IF you get a good brand and don't cheap out.

    Velociraptors are known for crapping out quickly, and RAID 0 only makes that more likely.

    Buy an SSD, but do yourself a favor - bit the bullet and go with quality. It makes a big difference. (Avoid the sandforce controller. Samsung's drives are a great way to go.)
  3. This is an old thread, but I feel the need to add my experience. I have a lot of drives, in a system designed for NLE video editing. I've also had a lot of drives fail! The thing that surprises me is how many Velicraptors I've had go down over the years, as I understand they are supposed to be reliable. As of today, I've now added a pair of 6th Gen 1Tb v'raptors in a raid0 fail completely, to the pair of 600Gb, and 300Gb drives — both in raid0 arrays — fail. The 1Tb drives are ten months old.

    I've lost no data, and have two levels of backup using Shadow Protect over 14 drives totaling 24Tb, but I am irritated by the hassle and cost of replacing the hardware. So I won't be risking any more v'raptors. In fact, my usual suppliers are out of stock, so I wonder if I am not alone with finding them problematic?

    So my plan now is to get a single 1Tb SSD, and forget that particular raid0 array. I also have a pair of Samsung 250Gb PRO in a raid0 for the boot drive, and a pair of 1Tb WD Blacks in a raid0 for my main documents drive. The v'raptor raid0 array was my projects drive.

    I'll also add that a lot of the time, there is little of no benefit from the raid0 arrays if you have as many drives as I do, as the system wastes a lot of time looking round the drives. My MSI laptop has a pair of 128Gb drives in a raid0 for the boot drive, and opens windows in a lot less than a minute. My desktop with all the drives, is much slower, despite the boot drive testing at almost 1Gb/s.
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