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Hi, I encrypted my removable storage drive and forgot the password some time ago, but have been using my recovery key to access the drive. I think I remember the password now, but I can't get it to prompt for password entry or change the password once I've unlocked the drive using the recovery key. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. Once the drive is unlocked, you would need to disconnect the drive form the system and then reconnect. If the system drive is encrypted, then the drive may be set to automatically unlock the bit-locked drive.
  2. Elmo thanks for the response. I tried your suggestion and unfortunately, I still only am prompted for the recovery key. Once the drive is unlocked, I click manage bitlocker, but at the add password screen it tells me access denied when I try to click next.
  3. Try here, please note that if your recovery file is not valid then you are out of luck.

    Since you do indeed have a recovery file/key then please ensure not to lose it.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the direction. It turned out that I had not considered a simple step - simply doing a system restore. I selected a date as far back as I could and it somehow fixed the issue and allowed me to enter my password again. Problem resolved!
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