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At first I had a screen resolution of something like 1480X 1240 (not sure of the exact dimensions but were in the 1400s) and the resolutions ranged to 1900s and then I reinstalled Windows Vista on my computer. After installing Vista, all my computer now allows me to choose is 800X600, 1024X768 and 1280X1024. Only these 3 ! all the other options are gone.

Can anyone help me with why all the other sizes are not showing as this resolution is making everything seem weird and uneasy on the eyes.

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  1. Did you reinstall your graphics driver after reinstalling Vista?
  2. Im not sure...

    There is no additional graphics card added to the computer. The card thats in is already bult in. I simply trusted the drivers that are in vista.
    Im not even sure how to locate download the driver again from intel's site.
  3. download and run CPU-Z, go to the graphics tab and post what it tells you in there and i will help you find your graphics driver, ones built into vista are okay but since you dont seem to have a normal size screen they arent going to work right for you. Also 32 bit or 64 bit Vista?
  4. its 32 bit
    and all it says on the graphics tab is "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" all the other fields are blank
  5. Well thats interesting, hopefully someone else can help you find out what it is, im out of ideas for the night.
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