Windows 7 wireless doesnt work?

Hello, I just recently changed from a Linksys wireless-g router to a Linksys E2000 (wireless-n router, Win7 certified) and now my windows 7 computer cant connect to the internet. I get a strong signal, have wireless-n support, it tries to connect but just cant. The odd thing is, I can connect just fine as a guest but not as part of the network itself (and yes, I am inputting the WPA2 key correctly). Every other computer connects just fine.

Things I have tried:
Turning off the computer, unplugging the modem and router for 60 seconds. Plug in the modem, let it start for 60 seconds. Plug in the router, let it start for 60 seconds. Then turn on the computer.
Updating drivers
Reinstalling drivers
Disabling/re-enabling the connection in network and sharing

Again, it worked fine with the old router but refuses to work with the new one.
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  1. Alright, I finally managed to connect (turns out the key was using a + and not a t...), but now I cant access any sites. I have again tried restarting the modem/router/computer and reinstalling drivers and such to no avail.

    I even tried setting a static IP.

    There was one extremely strange oddity though, when I first connected two sites were fine and when I tried to do a speedtest, it seemed to think I was in a different location (I live near olympia washington, and it thought I was near spokane washington).
  2. Check TCP/IP Properties.

    Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.

    I don't think the fact that the speedtest mis-located you (but at least got the state correct) is significant to the issues you raise.
  3. I managed to get it working by manually inputting some OpenDNS servers instead of letting it automatically obtain it. Seems the DNS server it was having me use just didnt want to work with me.
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