Laptop ASUS m51sn with T5550 CoreDuo 1.83 Mhz--> T9500 upgrade?

Hello, forum.

I have a laptop ASUS m51sn with T5550 CoreDuo 1.83 Mhz and I'm thinking of upgrading it with T9500 CoreDuo 2.6.

Is it possible? I mean is laptop CPUs are usually fixed to the motherboard?
Will some extra cooling upgrade be necessary?
if it's possible, what characteristics should I be looking at of a new CPU to buy a right capable one for my laptop?

Thank you a lot.
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  1. No, but the T7500 should work. Take a look at the link:,33918,32427,
    I recently replaced a celeron 900 with a T6670. You need to stick with the same socket (Penryn). Yours is the Merom socket
  2. How about Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000 CPU 2.8GHz 6MB 800 SLAZ3? Can I replace my with that?

    My chipset is Intel PM965, so I thought I can replace it with any other PM965 CPU, cuz I found on ebay T9500 CPU saying it compatible with PM965 sockets...
  3. I'm not to sure because the Lithography is 45nm on the X9000 and T9500 and the Lithography on the T5550 and T7500 are 65nm. I would stick with the merom. The Penryn sockets say PGA478 and the merom sockets say PPG478. You could try it but it would a costly guess. You can look at the link I sent comparing the X9000 here:,29761,33918,32427,
  4. Actually the T7500 wont work, you need a cpu with a system bus of 667 not 800. The T7600 would work. Here it is on e-bay:
  5. After looking at all compatable cpu's the T7600 will be the best upgrade for you. Make sure that you buy a good thermal paste (Zero-Therm) and a thermal paste remover for your new install. Try and look for assembly instructions on your specific laptop so you don't break it taking it apart :)
  6. Thanks a lot for help, I'll try that
  7. No problem, I just wouldn't want you to buy the one that wont work then you end up with a paper weight. The only thing that worries me may be heat because you going from like 1.8 ghz or something like that to almost 3.0 ghz. But i think you should be fine with the T7600.
  8. I couldnt find T7600 with more than 2.2 Ghz, so it probably wont overhear too much, I guess
  9. The T7600 is a 2.33ghz cpu.
  10. oh yea that's right 2.33 GHz. I found one

    but when i compare it using CPU-Z, on mine it says Package: Socket P (478) and on T7600 says Socket 479 mPGA, and they both are Merom... I dont know if they are compatible
  11. On Intel's web-site it says that the T5550 is a socket PPGA478 and the T7600 is compatible with socket PBGA479, PPGA478.,32427,
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