Is HD 5770 Eyefinity material

hey guys i was wondering if a 5770 is going to be powerful enough to run eyefinity on all three of my 20 inch monitors with resolution of 1600 x 900. Later in the future i will probably buy i second 5770 but i don't have the money right now.

here are my monitors i have 3 of these:
here was the 5770 i was going to buy:

i dont need anything super fancy for gaming i would just like to be able to play with eyefinity :D
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  1. Not really. But adding the 2nd HD 5770 will be a good idea.
  2. 4800x900 is a big res for a 5770, drop a second card in there and you'll have 5870ish penformance
  3. No, it's not going to give you good performance with an eyefinity setup. I wouldn't really bother even until you get a second card and in that case you may as well just get an HD5850 and OC it. You'll end up with better performance overall and the doubled memory bandwidth will really help at the high resolution you'll be using with eyefinity.
  4. Yes you can game, just not on max settings of course. I'm sure you could put on pretty high settings on less demanding games like FEAR 2, but Crysis I wouldn't be surprised if it's not smooth at medium settings.
  5. 4800x900 isn't much higher than 2560x1600 so just look at the benchmarks for the HD5770 at that resolution and subtract a lil. They should be easy to find, but they aren't pretty imo.
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