New gaming build pieced together from different threads.

I pieced this together from a couple different threads and was hoping you all could take a look...

I will mostly play first person shooters like COD and I just got SC2 which didn't well on my 8 year old dell. I'm upgrading from a AGP video system so pretty much everything needs to be replaced. I'm on a budget and If I can do this for even cheaper I would like to. Thanks in advance.

Optic Drive: ($18)
MONITOR: ($170)
GPU: ($190)

(combo deal @ $117 for both )

(combo deal @ 140.00 for both)

Total is ~686... not sure if I can really get this lower realistically but if I can I my girlfriend demands that I do!
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  1. Your mobo will downgrade the RAM without OC. Either go with a cheaper 1066 RAM, or a better board. Keep the CPU, though.

    Check out prices @ MC (for CPU, if you happen to live near 1) and also NCIX (Weekly Specials).

    RAM could also be faster, but then it'll also be more expensive.

    Do you have a PSU? you'll need at least a 500 Watt one (30+ A).
  2. Im noticing a lack of a hard drive, PSU, and an OS in that build. Do you already have thsoe three parts? Dont just pick a cheap budget PSU, a good one is worth it while a cheap one risks the whole rig.
  3. opps I forgot to add the last combo!!


    as far as the mobo, do you see one in the combo list with that processor that would be better :

    or do you have one in mind which I should look at combo aside?


    p.s as far as OS I am a student and plan on trying to get a student discount of 64 bit windows 7.

    EDIT: or if I were to change the ram who do you think about the OCZ stuff?
  4. Good PSU + HDD - Keep that combo.

    Better Mobo chipset - with USB 3.0 AMD Athlon II X3 440 & ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3
  5. ok, until the end of August, Newegg has a GREAT combo. Case, Power supply good enouh to handle SLI, hard drive, 4 GB ram, and a Rana X3 processor good enough for any modern game. $524. $504 after a $20 rebate. Add the $19 DVD burner and the $190 graphics card (with its $10 rebate too) and its $733 initially, $703 AR

    If you cannibalize an old IDE DVD burner (which will work), you drop to $713/683

    Here's the combo:
  6. Video cad is good, but get a 1GB version instead of the 768mb version. Difference isn't much but the 1gb card will last longer. Not to mention, in SLI will get you better performance!

    Don't listen to the above. Buy the ram you originally quoted. It will run slower but in the future should you overclock or get a new mobo you will be alright. It's better than buying slower ram and then having to re-buy faster ram or trying to overclock above spec.
  7. I looked at the combo Sqrl posted.... I dont really see the difference between that ram in the combo and the ram I linked above? Really that combo seems like a pretty good deal and that mobo looks good if I wanted to SLI in the future. The HDD might not be as good as what I listed but bang for buck seems pretty good. Any other comments?
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