ATI HD 5670 work on a dell XPS 200?

I want to get a better graphics card because the built in one sucks. I heard that if i put a card that is 2.1 in the 1.0 slot the xps 200 has, the motherboard would explode! I highly doubt it, but i want to make sure.
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  1. You'll be fine. However, I recommend you check the power supply. It should be at least 275w.
  2. im buying a 600w with it. Is there a program i can use to test if it would work? I know that since i have 1.0 and the card is 2.1 that the performance will suck, but i can deal with that. I'v read that it's worked for older computers than the 200 for some and failed for others.
  3. Your pcie slot is 1.0? already bought the card?
    many issues with 1.0 board running 2.1 cards...

    600W is more than enough for HD5670.
  4. No, I haven't bought the card yet. Is there a single slot card for 1.0 then? If so, will it be powerful enough to run mainstream games?
  5. If your board is 1.0 then for safety, get HD5670 2.0 version, like this one:
  6. Well, it depends on the rest of your system and monitor resolution...
    Also, make sure that card would fit into your case... :)
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